Never confuse loneliness with solitude. The former, said the poet May Sarton, is “the poverty of self”; the latter, “the richness of self.” Just as one can be alone in a crowd, one can cultivate the universe in solitude. #onesecondatatime #abstinenceworksbest #switchout #dualdiagnosis#alcoholcommondenominator #journeyhousesoberliving#chadwickhouse #rocktherecordstraight


This photo was taken by fellow warrior Juanxtobal, who also believes that our future lies in the eyes of our children. If we do not learn from our past, we will continue to repeat the destruction of our histories. ~ Angela Einstein Checkout his website at


HOPE sometimes is all one needs. Words from a stranger. A smile, a glance or a hello at the end of a line. What has kept you from picking up and perhaps saved your life in the past? Share your inspiration or thoughts just for today. It may help another. Thanks. And, thank you Bridget for sharing this beautiful photograph!


NEWS FLASH! The Center of Disease Control (CDC) says research has shown that nicotine is just as addictive as heroin and nicotine is the most common form of chemical dependence in the United States. It rang true recently when speaking with a young couple. The man insisted that heroin was harder to quit than cigarettes. He knew because he had …

The Ladder

It does not matter from which rung of the ladder you fell nor how far you dropped. Rather, remember with clarity what brought you back to life. Welcome to a new day of freedom redefined with simplicity. One Moment, One Breath, One Second at a Time.


Beware! The rivers are running low and it appears so are some humans. It is getting rocky out there in “reality”. Things have changed since Facebook has entered our lives. People write things, write words of promises and do not follow through as though they never wrote them. It has gotten so easy to be dishonest that some do it …

Photograph by Guy Bourdin

Angela Einstein’s sister (left), photographed in 1975 by Guy Bourdin, now being featured in a retrospective by Chloe, Paris. Unfortunately, she has Korsakoff’s Syndrome, the end result of alcohol abuse. Marie-Louise has no idea she is being featured in a worldwide campaign as a SUPERMODEL and if you told her, she would forget the exciting news within moments. The important …

Arriving home from the National Conference on Addiction Disorders

Arriving home from the National Conference on Addiction Disorders, I have been made clear on one issue. Treating addiction with drugs is not accepted by all but in fact do work when combined with intensive outpatient therapy and a finite goal of completion. Most believe that abstinence works best and sober houses are the answer to help those struggling. Even …

Love is not black & white or materialistic.

Love is not black & white or materialistic. Love cannot be taken away. A person will work hard to destroy a person’s love for another human being because they have fallen out of love. But it is only them who has lost their love for that person. Others in their tribe will hold steadfast to their love. Days upon years …

False pretenses

As with anything addictive one must make certain that it is working for your greater good and not against you with false pretenses. Facebook is addictive and should be kept in check. It is important to keep your eye on what is positive about this social media gorilla and leave the negative behind. Stay true to yourself. Do not let …