Our Philosophy

Every sunrise brings a new day to recoup from a myriad of addictive behaviors that control our habits. Each morning brings the opportunity to heal the mind, body, and spirit. AEinstein Universe offers a zero barrier approach to achieve mind health and a life free from addictions that harm. For decades, the slogan, One Day at a Time, has been there for those in recovery. AEinstein Universe offers a modern-day mantra that spreads recovery to those who seek peace over anxiety provoked by memories and modern society.

The AEinstein Universe has penned it:

One Moment, One Breath,
One Second at a Time.


We Begin with the Word Origin of Addiction

c.1600, “tendency,” of habits, pursuits, ect.; “State of being addicted”, “an awarding, a devoting,”.

c.1941, “Reflexively to apply (oneself) ”. “The state of being addicted; inclination; bent”. ”Each man addicted to his sports... his addiction leads him”.

Merriam-Webster: "An unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something."

AEinstein Universe: “A healthy devotion to and respect for your favorite life-forms, places and things”.

The word addiction originated circa 1600 and meant a devotion for your favorite things for 350 years. Recently it has been used almost exclusively to describe a dependency on drugs. Having a positive meaning for three and a half centuries, the word addiction needs to be restored. AEinstein Universe penned a modern definition to revitalize its meaning: A healthy devotion to and respect for your favorite life-forms, places and things. With this restored definition, we will teach all facets of addiction, both positive and negative, through public awareness. Armed with an acute knowledge of unhealthy behaviors, young adults will be aware of the dangers that exist in the world today before stepping out to accomplish their goals and follow their passions.


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Every second there is a choice and a decision; it’s the movement forward that matters. Angela Einstein
Founder of the AEinstein Universe