Believe in miracles because they have already happened.


An excellent example of positive behaviors in the extreme! BAM! Whoa!

the beauty of recovery

This is the beauty of recovery and how it visually looks. Taking care of SELF and the body, mind, and spirit comes back and rewards! One Moment, One Breath, One Second at a Time! SUPERSTAR!

Phoenix rising

Phoenix rising as recovery month comes closer to its end. No fear, we can handle this. We are the Warriors of Truth.


Beware! The rivers are running low and it appears so can humans. It is getting rocky out there in “reality”. Things have changed since Facebook has entered our lives. People write things, words of promises or “commit” in alphabetic jargon and proceed as though the words were never written. It has gotten so easy to be dishonest that some do …


Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. All to be acknowledged and taken care of mindfully. Each one can put you in a dangerous place and when combined can send even the strongest into a tailspin. Stop, breath, feed the mind and body, share and sleep. Proceed with caution. This too shall pass.


Never confuse loneliness with solitude. The former, said the poet May Sarton, is “the poverty of self”; the latter, “the richness of self.” Just as one can be alone in a crowd, one can cultivate the universe in solitude. #onesecondatatime #abstinenceworksbest #switchout #dualdiagnosis#alcoholcommondenominator #journeyhousesoberliving#chadwickhouse #rocktherecordstraight


This photo was taken by fellow warrior Juanxtobal, who also believes that our future lies in the eyes of our children. If we do not learn from our past, we will continue to repeat the destruction of our histories. ~ Angela Einstein Checkout his website at juanxtobal.wixsite.com


HOPE sometimes is all one needs. Words from a stranger. A smile, a glance or a hello at the end of a line. What has kept you from picking up and perhaps saved your life in the past? Share your inspiration or thoughts just for today. It may help another. Thanks. And, thank you Bridget for sharing this beautiful photograph!