1-800 Suicide “Prevention” is PAID marketing campaign that provokes PURPOSELY killing viewers

Suicide Prevention Hotline for Ellsworth Middle School

Truth, love, kindness, and clear guidance improve a victim’s chance to win, daily, over the mind’s reactions to sounds, smells, noises, and visuals in our lives that remind us of horrible life changing memories. Trauma survivors are often extremely sensitive, overly emotional, and easily brought to feel mentally distressed by triggers in daily surroundings. The first photo below is called a “hook”, the second was just found this week on the music video 1-800 Suicide Youtube channel where it remains without a warning and has gained over 160,000 dislikes. The third photo is a letter written by the pharmaceutical company’s marketing agency advertising and bragging about causing millions to call in distress. The calls are funneling victims to ultimately “New Pathways” infiltrated NAMI offices in 42 United States and Mexico. The last photo is our nonprofit’s letter to NAMI begging them to stop the pain they are knowingly provoking onto many. Advertising money pays to hook clients. victims, and they are killing causing the suicide rate to spike astronomically in 2017, like never before recorded in history before Vietnam. Paid news railroaded those facts to fuel hysteria for their other manmade products called “opioids”. They are there to do one thing, funnel users onto highly addictive drugs, “Bath Salts” replace by “opioid” fake news. Platforms are set up and paid runners plant syringes in our communities, a clear ploy to instill hysteria about fake “drug addicts” living among us. The facts are that the person suffering is just another friend or loved one who wants out of disruptive cycles that take peace of mind and drive many to drink. Humans run in addictive cycles and catching the one the mind and body is in helps improve the mind upon impact just like trauma. Streets smarts, knowledge, a clear understanding of industry and marketing guided by laws, morals, ethics, truth, and love save a nation being driven to distress. AEinstein Universe is a team of activists against psychology warfare that has descended upon us purely by osmosis directly due to the internet and illegally planted corrupt business. It is illegal to purposely provoke a mind to distress. There are bullies in industry perpetrating and they fully aware and in full control and many Americans have fallen and died because of it. HELP! Thank you! Share this post and save lives by spreading words worth repeating.

Angela Einstein, teammate AEinstein Universe a fully recognized nonprofit set up expressly to #teachyourhchildren, better and FAST! HELP!

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