The Trend to Degrade Mental Health to Control, Confuse & Capitalize

The problem with corporate advertisers monopolizing and controlling media, hospitals, community resources, and politics is that it is 100% unsustainable to human progress. Using unregulated advertising to brainwash, trending with opioid rhetoric and hysteria about health problems purposely to complicate human psychology has destroyed lives, minds, and global economies. This unhelpful sadistic shift in perception has given unlawful capitalists the opportunity to degrade the health of billions. It is imperative to ensure the positive evolution of humankind that this insidious trend is eradicated to save us all. Politicians abusing power, ignoring laws, people, and constituents, must be held accountable for their actions against WE THE PEOPLE. An unregulated drug cartel and unsupervised drug consortium was started in 2017 named Addiction Medicine. This proven illegal network utilizes unlimited funds to confuse minds with a sole focus on palliative rather than preventive healthcare. Using politicians as pawns the unlawful advertising psychiatric industry has infected to sabotage national security debilitating infrastructure leaving few unscathed. Addiction Medicine monopolized media outlets nationwide to spew false advertising destroying reality, programming minds to command community.

The unbridled invention of the lawless internet has given Addiction Medicine full rein to use freedom of press and advertising to take away human rights and our God given right to freedom of speech allowing dangerous misinformation to bypass laws of the United States Constitution that no longer protect one or all. Addiction Medicine uses an iron fist to spur the need for psychiatric drugs, products, and services profiting from patients in pain instilling fear and emotional distress, shattering millions of livelihoods. The plan of this drug cartel is total domination. First step to sway public perception was for the Addiction Medicine network to use internet links to infiltrate support systems infecting some hospitals aligned with that drug network. Addiction Medicine is a dishonest drug cartel responsible for the hysteria spurring the “Opioid Epidemic” to increase the use of one opioid product, which morphed into the hysteria of the “COVID pandemic” propelling madness to ignite a race war, then the “defund the police” movement, now blaming police. The missing link is that police have zero jurisdiction to stop internet-seeded fraud, multi-level marketing scams, online predators advertising to profit any way they choose, nor can police remove propaganda and illicit porn from schools and hospitals. Where there is no law, security, or protection total devastation is the order of business exactly as planned by marketers out to kill human progress.

In order to solve problems whether it be an obstacle in the home, family, mind, body, community, or business one must first identify the source to fully eradicate the infection impeding progress or profits. One ad campaign brought to public consciousness by Addiction Medicine caused Viacom’s stock to crash in 2017. Addiction Medicine is a nationwide multi-level marketing scam to increase the use and distribution of the powerful narcotic, Film Suboxone, an opioid product. The National Alliance of Mental Illness, NAMI, is the hub of the drug operation, a front for that extremely addictive opioid product. NAMI takes the calls from victims triggered by the ad campaign: 1-800 SUICIDE “PREVENTION” which causes the exact opposite. The video was removed by MTV in-house lawyers and executives within 24 hours of review but remains online with over 188,000 dislikes without a warning or viewer discretion traumatizing audiences deliberately to capitalize. NAMI like ANTIFA and BLM are domestic terrorists funded by political parties infecting using illegal web links allowed to lure and intimidate millions. These thugs are dangerous, liable for placing illegal propaganda in hospitals and SUICIDE ads in public schools luring students to an illicit pornographic video to impel drug use, relapse, and suicide the fake news blames on “opioid” and more recently on an invisible virus. The video aforementioned was released on MTV during a new drug conference set up for Addiction Medicine where thousands of caregivers were ordered to gather to keep their jobs in the healthcare industry. Felonious internet inks have been infected to sabotage JAMA, the CDC, the WHO, SAMSHA, and many elite universities with money and misinformation changing policy and legislation altering reality, facts, stats, science, and healthcare protocol.

Addiction Medicine is sponsored by Reckitt Benckiser who “partners” with WebMD online to spread lies, ads, contrived stories, and fake news about the common problem of addiction. Addiction is a unique cycle, subjective to each involved, yet familiar to most in community best guided with knowledge, awareness and inspiring healthcare devoid of what is best for the “bottom line”. Recently in an ignored report by Maine’s media outlets, Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Marcella Sorg, reported 84% of all overdose deaths in 2019 attributed to the product “opioid” also had alcohol in their systems at time of death. In July of 2019 Reckitt Benckiser, now Indivior, agreed to pay $1.4 billion to resolve all U.S. government investigations and claims in what is to date the largest drug industry settlement in United States history. This advertising network incites hysteria, chaos, and mayhem intentionally to derail American infrastructure.

The trend to manipulate public consciousness has been a methodical and systematic nightmare focused foremost on decimating the AA and mental health frameworks. In 2011 the American Society of Addiction Medicine, ASAM, in a national News Release brazenly redefined the word “addiction” labeling patients addicted to products as having a “Brain Disease” in an attempt to degrade the minds of the most distressed. Continuing the advertising deception, in 2013, the APA, American Psychiatric Association updated the DSM-V. The DSM-V is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the United States to label the emotionally distressed. The DSM-V update includes the labels and diagnoses of AUD, OUD, and SUD, Alcohol Use Disorder, Opioid Use Disorder, and Substance Use Disorder, respectively, all words to complicate, exacerbate, and confuse the minds of patients suffering. This update coincided with the intrusion of NAMI, the multi-level marketing hub set up nationwide using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to make them appear approved and legitimate. Finally in 2016 Addiction Medicine was added as an unregulated and unsupervised “medical sub-specialty”.

My name is Angela Einstein and I am a trauma survivor who is 25 years alcohol-free. I have survived directly due to those who have encouraged me when I was unable to help myself. I have been giving and getting help for emotional distress for over 3 decades relying on my family, friends, community, and therapy to progress noticing the bully or trigger in my environment causing me to experience symptoms recognized for centuries by scholars, doctors, and victims alike as post-traumatic stress, known to stimulate relapse when left unguided without proper help, knowledge, and awareness to prevent failure. Relapse for me includes extreme anxiety, hyper-vigilance, depression, sleep disruption, psychosis and sleep paralysis. I have been reliant on the Social Security System that has allowed me to concentrate and progress to manage the nonprofit AEinstein Universe. AEinstein Universe is a life-long goal to give back in the same way so many have inspired me following law, love, and proper procedures that protect the most vulnerable. Before becoming unable to work I prospered in business working in Boston procuring advertising and marketing strategies for large corporations including pharmaceutical companies to increase corporate profits during the rise and intrusion of unregulated internet communications. The internet is an enemy of people used as a weapon to disturb and that process is unacceptable. It is dangerous, unsupervised, and unregulated but controlled and monitored by the enemy of WE THE PEOPLE.

Regaining balance within the community to restore health to progress over the plethora of human obstacles, it is essential to regain control of healthcare for humans to progress. AEinstein Universe is a fully recognized governmental 501(c)3 nonprofit established to ensure the positive evolution and future prosperity of humankind focused on protecting the most needy. Our team is secular, colorblind, pro-personal individual choice, and nonpartisan. AEinstein Universe’s mission is to preserve home, family, community resources, and healthcare from internet-seeded fraud. We are inspired by moral or ethical businesses and people who support efforts to secure the positive momentum of humankind. Our goal is to publish a curriculum focusing on history, nature, art, law, musical lyrics, words, and visuals to empower positively to aid students to gain in a very hectic world. AEinstein Universe will only gain as healthcare becomes transparent and politicians are again enabled to help those who hire them to manage each of our respective states. It is the duty of healthcare providers to encourage and help devoid of pretense whether a patient is suffering with a broken bone, home, or heart that may or may not be exacerbated by one’s chosen intake. We are as humans made up of what we eat, think, inspired to become better by those we choose to learn from.

Please donate to save all lives. Thank you.


Angela Einstein & Shane Daniel Brooks, teammates AEinstein Universe, Burnham, ME.

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