AEinstein Universe SECONDS: NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: Choose Marijuana over Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is a controlled substance and a legal drug that our government taxes. It is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States, as stated by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, NCADD.

Alcohol is keenly marketed to the general population. If you are not old enough to partake, you are constantly urged to do so by the media or by a nearby t-shirt, hat, or billboard. Alcohol is dangerous and an extremely addictive substance that comes in many liquid forms.

Marijuana was legalized in Maine in 2016. The nonprofit AEinstein Universe promotes the use of marijuana over alcohol because of its non-violent benefits. There is no comparison between the two when it comes to workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, domestic abuse, drunk driving and rape. The news is new to most, but familiar to me. Science says marijuana use is terrible for the undeveloped brain and I agree. If one has suffered from violence, they too should avoid the use of marijuana, as affects could be heightened and remembered for a lifetime. A person should be very careful if they choose to use marijuana at any point in their life.

My name is Angela Einstein, and I am the founder of the nonprofit, AEinstein Universe. I have been walking our planet for more than five decades and am 22 years sober and 30 years removed from drug addiction. During my early years, I smoked marijuana and drank alcohol for fun and to medicate my feelings for many reasons. Before the age of ten, my abusive alcoholic mother had been taken away and I had been assaulted by a neighborhood police officer. At sixteen, I quit smoking pot, but continued to drink the full gamut of alcoholic elixirs. For many years, I would blame the type of alcohol for the problems that were occurring in my life. In the end, even the wine wasn’t working to fix anything. Finally, at 32 years old and having quit drinking, I was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I remember having a day planner that computers were new, and I hadn’t yet gone digital. In fact, I was just setting out on my journey and learning from Alcoholics Anonymous about the hazards of alcohol addiction. AA was my bible for addiction and Barnes & Noble my refuge for the diagnosis of C-PTSD.

My journey has been guided by the best in the field including, Dr. Judith Herman, Harvard, TRAUMA & RECOVERY and her program of Victims of Violence located in Cambridge, Massachusetts which helped me immensely while living in Boston.

Fast forward 26 years, I am living happily in Maine with my fourth-grade son and his father who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and uses marijuana in many forms as medicine to manage his symptoms. Marijuana, if allowed to, will continue to replace the drugs that treat many ailments.

AEinstein Universe predicts a shift in happiness will occur as the future progresses for not only this family but many throughout the Universe. Happy New Years from our family to yours! Thanks for sharing…PEACE & LOVE to infinity and beyond!

One Moment, One Breath, One Second at a Time.

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