Mother Nature and hurricane Irma

Mother Nature and hurricane Irma, is in full control and her fury will continue until she dissipates. There is another more imminent storm, one that humans have no control over nor have we been able to quell its perpetual damage. This storm is much more sinister and occurs daily in homes worldwide. It has been raging for decades and the time has come to stop its destruction. Alcoholism and addiction and their effects have run rampant and have maimed entire families for generations. They create scars that last for lifetimes that rarely heal, the effects of which send many to their graves prematurely. Both maladies, when left unbridled rage and can take full control, just like any storm Mother Nature has produced and leaves massive devastation in its path.

Arriving home from the National Conference on Addiction Disorders, I have been made clear on one issue. Treating addiction with drugs is not accepted by all but in fact, do work when combined with intensive outpatient therapy and a finite goal of completion. Most believe that abstinence works best and sober houses are the answer to help those struggling. Even physicians prescribing the medications wonder whether the drugs they prescribe are working to remedy those who struggle with the many faces of drug and alcohol addiction.
Addiction has become a specialty in the medical field for the first time this year. Now one can become an “Addictionologist”. The connection is clear, money is being made because drugs are now being sold. Wealth over health is again winning in our society.

The AEinstein Universe believes addiction is an inherent and inherited behavior that lies within all human nature in both positive and negative forms. These behaviors can veer to either extreme depending on the social and environmental impacts endured while growing into adulthood. These addictions can overtake the psyche. The host will unwittingly succumb to the negative or positive addiction throughout their lifetime to cope with a myriad of stressors. The AEinstein Universe has created Education Beyond Parenting™ to improve understanding about these powerful behaviors that lie within. These basic instincts will be taught alongside mindfulness and coherent positive and negative addiction facts. This new perspective will propel a newly empowered generation of youth better equipped to navigate the world on a more productive and confident path in life. Our goal is to continue to promote the abundant positive forms of addiction that drive humanity to discover, explore, invent and succeed in every aspect of life.

The AEinstein Universe is committed to teaching humanity to recognize the contrast between positive and negative inherent, as well as inherited, Addictive Behaviors through Arts and Education. Our Mission is to preserve our past one ripple at a time and create waves for future generations to ride.

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