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Since the invention of the internet, addiction and how to achieve “abstinence” has been manipulated to promote products and services that debatably help one gain “recovery”. Recovery from addiction and trauma is a unique journey with infinite ways to achieve happiness, stability, and a life free of daily habits that control.

Internet communication and social media have created a hornet’s nest of propaganda that confuses and spreads damaging messages to millions who are fighting for their lives. The internet has allowed opportunists to redefine recovery. The problem lies in the failure to learn, understand and teach how to stop the cycle of trauma and an addiction to drugs and alcohol. The effects of alcohol addiction are being ignored while billions of dollars cycle back into Big Pharma and the businesses who encourage the use of prescription drugs to gain recovery.

Addiction Medicine was recognized as a medical speciality in 2015. This industry is financed by pharmaceutical companies and their marketing teams who are equipped with numerous ways to ensure the continued use of their products. These companies sponsor exciting conferences at locations like Disneyland where free giveaways, food and fun are plentiful. The attendees can receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for participating in the conference where a biased agenda is presented. These CEUs are often required for continued employment in the Mental Health field. Upon leaving the conference, Big Pharma’s direct marketing follows you home with surveys via email. By completing them, one receives additional CEUs. Responses gathered deceivingly and automatically support Big Pharma’s messages and statistics.

Pharmaceutical companies have a solid grip on the addiction market. They promote their drugs in a multitude of ways and incessantly advertise their top selling products. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is prescribed medications to stop an addiction to other drugs. This recent trend, impacted immensely since the birth of the internet, has caused multi-level marketing opportunists to pop up across the USA and promote specific agendas. MAT medications are proven to be extremely addictive and nearly impossible to stop. In fact, the effect when combined with alcohol is compared to the effects of heroin use. The prescription rates of MAT is on the rise and the reasons are clear as day.

Alcohol and drug addiction are two of the diagnostic labels recently redefined in the DSM-V and are renamed as Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). The diagnostic criteria for SUD allows for the use of prescribed MAT to overcome drug addiction. Conversely, we know millions have “kicked” addiction naturally for decades. Furthermore, the diagnosis of AUD includes three levels of alcohol use and this is extremely dangerous. This updated DSM-V recognizes addiction as a “Brain Disease” which implies that medicine is needed to become well. This diagnosis is untrue and unfair for those who have struggled a lifetime with traumatic memories and have been addiction free for years or even months for that matter.

Confusing drug and alcohol addiction further the 70-year old agency, the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD) was taken over in January by the new company Facing Addiction which promotes “new pathways” to gain recovery that include prescribed MAT medications. NCADD has offices in every state and has helped millions overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. The NCADD has been a reputable agency until this take over that promotes the use of MAT medications to aid with drug addiction. Facing Addiction is railroading millions to believe that MAT medications have a high success rate when those who are prescribed and in recovery know the opposite is true when attempting to gain complete abstinence. (Please see “Bob’s Story” at the top of our Facebook Page.)

AEinstein Universe’s member forum offers free online conversation and a safe platform for those who want to help themselves, loved ones, or friends that struggle in recovery. By chatting we are able to guide each other through dark emotions and moments that throw us out of balance. AEinstein Universe and our teammates rely on an acute understanding of the cycle of trauma and addiction and how to end it. We recognize negative habits and replace them to clear one’s mind and break free from addictive behaviors that harm ourselves and affect those who love us.

The nonprofit, AEinstein Universe, is guided by professionals and has a clear knowledge of how one gains long term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It is by learning from one another that we create a ripple effect of awareness and, as if by osmosis, we spread knowledge, facts, and a clear vision to protect the mind, body, and spirit. As teammates we help many overcome stressors to follow a simpler path that works by recognizing positives that promote mind health.

Regardless of the drug or the stage one is at, the impact of addiction has not changed nor has its cycle. The cycle improves dramatically when the problem and the solution are seen, simply, to cease the cause and effect of trauma and addiction.

Addiction specialists with long term recovery from drugs, including alcohol, must gather with psychiatric doctors, therapists, educators and legislators who understand the magnitude of the problems that have manifested in the addiction market. It is a crime that this internet induced epidemic rages on when the real issue has been raging for generations. It is time to help survivors, ourselves, our brothers, sisters, family, and friends heal by simply clarifying truth and guiding each other daily to win and recover from trauma and addiction with love, guidance, truth, and peace.

Please support our goal and donate to help spread public awareness through online communication. Our curriculum and scholarships will promote teaching life lessons through lyrics and the artists who inspire us daily to rock on. Our goals will empower each other through expression and the words of so many who have lead us to peace for decades. Together we win by caring and sharing. Please see us on Instagram and join AEinstein Universe on Facebook and spread awareness.

One Moment, One Breath, One Second at a Time.

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