AEinstein Universe SECONDS: The Evolution of Bullies

Evolution of Bullies

At some point in life, everyone gets bullied. Perhaps one is pushed, ridiculed, or cornered and left feeling manipulated. The memories of being bullied, depending on the severity, may never leave but instead get buried deep into our subconscious. These memories are stowed away with our school pictures in trunks conceivably never to see the light of day again. It hurts to be bullied, and the hurt continues each time a bully crosses a boundary in our everyday lives.

Many young people leave high school (and the bullies they faced) with a renewed hope — feeling invincible, happy, and free! The world is their oyster, and they are ready to conquer their dreams. Not quite so fast! The bullies have grown up and are out there. They may look or sound different than they did on the playground, but they are still bullies. They are camouflaged in society in different outfits; perhaps wearing a suit and tie or fancy dress and standing near you! They are unrecognizable and extremely inviting at first, often appearing confident and charismatic. You can encounter them in all aspects of life, and they are waiting to prey upon you. They lie in wait for your arrival wherever you venture — at college, at a bar, at work. They may be your landlord, the president of a corporation, or a member of the clergy.

Bullies are master manipulators, and it is your job as a Warrior to recognize them. Listen to your inner voice. Women are often conditioned to be polite and nice, making them targets for sexual harassment. Recognize you are simply a pawn to a controlling person — a part of their game. Predators will try to control your moves and even your thoughts if you allow them to, but you can maintain control of yourself when you set physical and emotional boundaries. Create an imaginary wall of personal space around you to keep the controlling person out of your territory. Keeping healthy boundaries will make you the master of your inner peace. Your moral compass will keep you safe.

Be aware of your surroundings and the opportunity for someone to put a drug into our drink. Keep your guard up and your drink covered while in a public setting, because a perpetrator will go to extreme lengths to capture their prey. Be wise, intelligent, and mindful of the world around you.

Bullies use and abuse to achieve their own agendas. Once they are through with you, you will be thrown out as used bait. Remember that bullies have not changed much since the days on the playgrounds. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing just like in the fairy tale. They are keen to those who NEED “love” or “friendship.” They sense weakness, and they seek out and catch the weak in their traps. Predators attack their targets emotionally, physically, or psychologically.

The time has come to be aware of the presence of bullies in your life. Boundaries create healthy spaces around yourself. Warriors no longer accept the cycle of abuse, nor allow the nightmares to continue. Hangovers, drama, and chaos have no place in our lives. If you see something, say something. Trust your inner voice and listen to it! Be action oriented. We are Warriors, and our lives are brilliant and bright. Masters of our future successes, we must recognize the senseless behaviors that harm us. Switch out negative addictions for positive behaviors.

By creating personal boundaries, we establish our own happiness.

— One Moment, One Breath, One Second at a Time.

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