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There is a new Starbucks in Washington, D.C. employing individuals who communicate using American Sign Language. The store is specifically designed to remove barriers and ease access for students who attend Gallaudet University. The prominent University was founded in 1856 by Amos Kendall, a local postmaster who donated two acres to establish a school for 12 deaf and 6 blind students. This University has created a lasting ripple effect of accommodations propelling a minority to flourish for over 150 years. Starbucks, a company known for its devotion to community, has certainly helped this one and should be applauded.

Starbucks and Gallaudet University provide abundant access so students can connect easier and create relationships to last a lifetime. AEinstein Universe is similar. Our members connect online, enjoy coffee, with like minded individuals who know mental distress and addiction go hand in hand. Through conversation we swap empirical solutions that keep us and our loved ones free of harm. Together we focus on friendship, art, music, conversation and other projects that heal us daily. AEinstein Universe relies on the advise of experts, caregivers, family, and friends who have succeeded for decades to guide us through memories that can provoke, prod, and try to railroad our lives.

Like Starbucks and Gallaudet University, AEinstein Universe is specifically designed to remove barriers and ease access to benefit all who enter. With a keen understanding and compassion we learn to navigate a world that provokes symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Hello, I would like to order one tall latte with plenty of wisdom to spreads awareness and help worldwide? Thank you!

Donate and propel a ripple effect in your community to spread information that stops cycles. AEinstein Universe is a free online avenue to recover daily.

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