Milliseconds COUNT

AEinstein Universe SECONDS: Milliseconds COUNT

Time is there, waiting to be identified. I explain my time in years because it empowers me and I am proud to be “addiction free” (Disclaimer: I love eBay!), in our addicted society plus it reminds me to stay on point for the AEinstein Universe’s mission.

But really time as I see it, is this moment, that I am typing away to introduce my personal description of time.

I feel time, today…this breath and all the seconds that I get to be with my sweetie who rides along bumping into everything in his power cart, and today he is spending “time with me”. We have these moments, within this day, for just today. Which I am living and loving to the fullest because today, as everyone knows very well, is all we have.

When I throw out time in years, as “I declare”, “I am BLANK years sober”, it’s really nothing because everyone knows all we really have is now and this moment.

Seconds change everything. In New England we have seen that in the weather. Addiction kills every second. Our lives turn from serene to turmoil in milliseconds.

Today I do my best to stay mindful, and present and live in the moment because you never know when that next big wave is going to come crashing in and try to drag you out to sea.

It is not the amount of “Time” in years one has stayed away from a bad choice of words, substance, addiction, behavior, or an eBay purchase. It is a daily discovery how one adapts to the reactions in the world without making the poorest decision of them all, to pick up a drink or a drug which hurts more than just yourself.

Today I am just going to take a deep breath and scream! I am over 24 hours sober for everyone to hear!! (Because it really is just one day at a time.) ?

One moment, One Breath, One Second at a Time. Every day. One Day at a Time.

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