AEinstein Universe SECONDS: National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI

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Marketing products that appear to be a sweet fix and are anything but must be arrested. Words that are bought are manipulating our communities and luring state government. Special interests promoting highly addictive medications through multi-level marketing schemes must stop. NAMI is a network that fronts organized platforms that provoke. This group promotes highly addictive drugs and is connected to a music video that has been disliked over 156,000 times on YouTube. AEinstein Universe has petitioned for a simple warning to be added to the video but, to date, no one has obliged. The video provokes to suicide and addiction kills. Big Pharma marketing is attempting to change how millions have recovered from addiction successfully for decades, albeit behind closed doors. Business leaders must stand up against this deadly trend and certain economic disaster.

Suboxone is highly addictive and the second most prescribed medication in the state of Maine. Suboxone compounds problems like alcohol addiction and once started it is very difficult to stop and expensive. Addiction is addiction and the only thing to have changed in decades is the intrusion of direct deceptive marketing. NAMI, Maine and co-conspirators have caused serious disruption for this state and, most likely, in other states across our country.

The suicide and overdose rates are clear proof that marketing is killing our citizens. In 2017 the suicide rate spiked higher than ever recorded in history. This marketed nightmare began in 2015 with the introduction of the medical specialty, Addiction Medicine. Our organization went to the National Conference on Addiction Disorders to hear what was being done to improve the dialogue around alcohol and marijuana. We were displeased and have much to substantiate our findings.

Janet Borelli, the Vice President of Ethics & Morals at Viacom removed 1-800 Suicide Prevention music video from MTV Music Television after we had a conversation. The video is promoted by NAMI and was released in August of 2017 but had been seen by millions across the United States including students and children who were arriving back at school. It is entitled 1-800 Suicide Prevention but instead re-traumatizes viewers with extremely negative provocative visuals. The YouTube channel has been censored since the beginning and the negative comments removed. This video provokes calls to NAMI offices in each state in the U.S. allowing many to be provoked into using Suboxone. The connection is clear that evil is near.

Addiction is color blind, financially indiscriminate, and does not change unless new trends of addiction through products are introduced to a market. This trend is clearly deceptive.

This simply should not continue. Not for even one more second. Period.

Cookie by Dora at PoPonOvers in Pittsfield, Maine

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