AEinstein Universe Seconds: A Problem Identified is a Problem Solved

It is critical that my voice is heard to protect those unable to stop online predators and fraud where police have no authority or jurisdiction to protect free speech, human rights, or civil rights. In 2016 the new unregulated psychiatric network of Addiction Medicine began as a “medical subspecialty”. In 2017 Governor Janet Mills instituted the drug network and multi-level marketing scam in Maine. The network was set up using the unregulated internet nationally using the National Alliance of Mental Illness, NAMI, network as the drug hub and front to the many nefarious entities and organizations set up to spur the use and distribution of the powerful prescribed narcotic, Film Suboxone, the most addictive product ever made, advertised, and illegally distributed by man. Film Suboxone is an “opioid” network to spur the “Opioid Epidemic” to sell an opioid. NAMI is Antifa and BLM, and I believe the “fact-checkers” planted in every community across America. Film Suboxone is a dangerous drug scam network first using “opioid” now “covid” controlling public health perception with fear, lies and hysteria devoid of facts. Opioids are products and the network advertises to infect, confuse, and brainwash people about the ambiguous subject of drug addiction which is unique to each and a unique personal perception, familiar to most. This unregulated advertising network, industry, and scam purchased Maine media outlets and other networks nationwide using the lawless internet to change reality publishing to instill fear as they choose.

The loophole is that police have no authority to address, arrest, remove, or eradicate online predators, false advertising, fake news, or illegal schemes using the commodity and innovation of the internet as a weapon of mass deception. The internet is in need of intervention and management neither of which is happening. The loophole gives corporate unregulated advertising and free rein to use press and their free speech to control, mostly devoid of facts. Jim Morrison of The Doors warned decades ago, “Whoever owns the media, owns the mind”.

Film Suboxone is the second most prescribed drug in Maine and recently Dr. Marcella Sorg, Maine’s Chief Medical Examiner, reported in 2019, 84% of all overdoses also had alcohol in their systems at time of death. That information confirms that 8 out of 10 opioid drug users also drink alcohol. The facts are opioids are less dangerous upon withdrawal to a patient and furthermore it is not what one uses but the help in every neighborhood if one desires to quit the plethora of addictive products made and advertised by man. This and other critical information has been ignored by Maine media.

Addiction Medicine is an unregulated, unmanaged drug consortium made up of few drug companies including Reckitt Benckiser and Indivior who manufacture the opioid Film Suboxone. Reckitt Benckiser “partners” online with WebMD publishing, lies, contrived stories, fake news, and hysteria healthcare, a trend that must end to save our futures. In 2017 during a conference set up for the Addiction Medicine industry where thousands of caregivers were gathered to keep their jobs in healthcare, a video premiered on MTV which caused Viacom’s stock to crash to a record low. The ad/video 1-800 Suicide “Prevention” causes suicide blamed on “opioid” in the fake news. The video was removed by Viacom executives and in-house lawyers within 24 hours of review but remains without a viewer discretion or warning gaining over 194,000 dislikes because it is heinous, sadistic, and cruel. NAMI takes the calls but re-traumatizes many victims any way they choose. It’s been hell for many trauma survivors and people in recovery. The BLM, Antifa, and NAMI networks threatens many in the AA community and the financial and political connections are the same.

My name is Angela Einstein, born Giguere, my ancestry deep-rooted in Maine. My Grandfather was one of 22 who immigrated from Quebec to gain in America in the early 1900’s. I am a disabled trauma survivor who is a teammate on AEinstein Universe, a nonprofit established to protect the unable, disabled, elderly, children, and police from cyber terrorists and fraud. I am 25 years alcohol-free and I have been giving and getting help in the recovery community for over 30 years. Before becoming unable to work, I spent a long prosperous career working in and around Boston, helping large corporations including pharmaceutical companies procure advertising and marketing strategies to increase profits during the rise and intrusion of the unsupervised internet.

My entire family and community have been terrorized in person and online by this network since as early as 2015. In 2019 I pointed out illegal propaganda to the board of directors at our large local hospital that the DOJ had ruled illegal advertising against Reckitt Benckiser in multiple judgements, one the largest settlements in the history of the United States. It is important to note that today Purdue’s opioid division is controlled by the “U.S. Government” which seems to me to be very odd. Also, in 2019, two years after the video was removed from MTV and after the DOJ had made critical rulings, “suicide” ads to lure students and victims appear in our son’s school. Upon alerting police, I was harassed, terrorized, and threatened by school administrators who had me removed from my home for three months for taking a paper “suicide” sign off the wall that lures students and victims to the illicit porn video. After writing about the illegal messages on my FaceBook page, I was forcibly removed from my home for three months. I am Mom who is a caregiver to the father of our son who needs help due to being confined to a wheelchair. I am lucky to be alive and the network is pure evil destroying entire families, businesses, and communities. Our team’s voice was banned from Twitter in 2017 for pointing out that NAMI as a front for the drug ring connected to porn and pedophilia. Twitter is the paid “journalistic” mouthpiece for this network muting all who speak out against the scam. In 2020 I was on our local News and came home and my personal FaceBook was deleted. It was quickly reinstated by Mark Zuckerberg who has communicated with our team with over 45,000 worldwide when he came to visit Maine with his wife on vacation.

AEinstein Universe is secular, nonpartisan, colorblind, class neutral, and pro-individual choice. Our goals are focused on empowerment and inspiration creating public school curriculum to encourage an understanding of feelings, emotions, and life-cycles using musical lyrics, educating through art, history, law, nature, words and visuals to ensure the positive evolution and future prosperity of humankind.

Please let the victim’s voice be heard through our organization to stop incessant illegal fake news from continuing to degrade our society destroying all of humanity’s community resources. A problem identified, Addiction Medicine, is a problem solved. The financial connections prove who is negligent and complacent exposing the culprits. The entire psychiatric industry has out-marketed themselves using illegal marketing practices and the internet to defraud, terrorize, and brainwash mass millions. The psychiatric industry has long ties to the financier George Soros. The numbers never lie and the facts are indisputable. This insidious network has monopolized media, commandeered entire industries, while imploding judicial systems nationwide including here in Maine where few are being helped to stop the terrorists.

The time is now to act to protect humanity globally. There must be no questions of authenticity when reporting on the medical crisis in the media. The Addiction Medicine network promotes illicit porn and addictive drugs using demoralizing and brainwashing techniques to destroy societies while infecting to control healthcare services nationwide and beyond using the internet as a weapon of mass division, distortion, distraction, blame, and destruction.

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Sincerely, Angela Einstein, Mom and Teammate on AEinstein Universe, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Burnham, Maine. Media inquiries: (207) 416-4477 or (207) 487-2468 email:

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